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Amazing Brands / Artists That Keep Me Excited! - Part one.

In no particular order these are the most important, inspirational and exciting brands and artists that keep me enthused, excited, and eager to push myself more every day. I would like to point out that I have no affiliation with any of these brand and I have purchased each and every product that I have from any of them with my own money.

1. P&Co. Website: www.pand.co

P&Co website for The Bearded Underdog Top Brands

I guess it was about 4 years ago when I first saw the promotional video for the Unloveable Heartbreaker Collection by P&Co. featuring Ricki Hall. I was at an emotional stop gap as far as clothing went at this time and was searching for a brand that excited me in both what they were creating and what their attitude was. P&Co. fit the bill from that point onwards for me and I have waiting eagerly for each new collection and these guys never fail to impress. The imagery is astoundingly badass and cool and it doesn't hurt at all that they regularly have the almighty Seth Thompson aka @Sir_ndrewsilver aka @billdabutcher modelling for them - at least for me these awesomely cool photos have made me want to buy.

I have bought coffee, a mocca pot, denim, scarf, jackets, leather goods, an iphone case, and numerous t shirts from these guys and they have all been great and have also always been items that people have stopped me on the street and asked about.

They recently suffered a setback where their warehouse burnt down. They were a couple of weeks from releasing their new collection at that time. Now, normally this would have absolutely crippled many companies, but not these dudes, in fact it pushed them to bounce back in an amazing way. Keep doing what you are doing guys! If you haven't already checked them out make sure that is the very next page you open and go buy something cool!

OK, OK, OK, I guess that despite I put this was in no particular order, P&Co, are number 1 in my book.

2. The Sneerwell Website: www.thesneerwell.com

The Sneerwell in The Bearded Underdog top brands

I LOVE Whiskey and Rum! But, never have I ever thought I would want to buy a hip flask, they always seemed so tacky and to be associated with that alcoholic uncle at a family wedding. That was until I found The Sneerwell! I found them on Instagram while browsing around, a bit bored one day. When I saw what they were doing it pretty much made me sit up and stare in amazement. These hip flasks are beautiful, and suddenly I went from never being interested in buying a hip flask to wanting a whole collection! These flasks are dark etched with a variety of great designs and aged with an invidual patina. When your flask gets delivered to you and you see the packaging, this is on another level - I truly felt like I needed to buy another one immediately because I couldn't bare to fully unpackage it from what I can only describe as a work of art. Whether or not you are a boozer, you certainly need to check out these flasks and get at least one of these pieces of beauty in your life!

3. Apothecary 87 Website: www.apothecary87.co.uk

Not only do Apothecary 87 have some great branding, and a rather interesting story but they also have the goods to back it up with too. I can't vouch for the hair products since I don't have any need for those as I am bald, but the beard products are pretty awesome and a bit different from your normal run of the mill beard fragrances. No woody or citrus smell here, which is pretty refreshing to me as the beard fragrance market seems to be overpowered with these kind of frangrances which makes telling brands apart often impossible. With Apothecary 87 you get the choice of 3 beard oils currently; The Unscented, Vanilla & Mango, and The Original Recipe. They all do the job well, smell awesome, and keep your beard looking great and also at a very good price point too.

What I see as the key product in the Apothecary 87 arsenal is the Beard Balm, a Muskoka fragrance. Smelling like maple syrup with a bit of smokiness this balm is light and easy to put on leaving your beard looking healthy all day. There's been such demand for this product that after a short period of being sold out the guys are very soon ready to ship this balm once again. Head over to the website and get some on pre-order before they sell out! I was lucky and managed to order an extra tube of the balm before they sold out before so I still have plenty left.

CEO of Apothecary 87, Mr Sam W Martin is also very active on both Instagram and youtube, offering up an insightful and entertaining vlog each week on his channel which I feel is always worth a watch! Check out his channel here.

Another thing that has really impressed me with Apothecary 87 is that this year they have been celebrating the brands they love by doing a bunch of competitions and giveaways on their social media channels. I think this is amazing that they are supporting also the brands they love. Go and get in on the action, there is more giveaways to come I believe.

In addition to Apothecary 87, Sam is also CEO of Volstead which I would hope to add to my list of amazing brands once I have saved up and bought one of their amazing pieces of jewellery. They have an impressive selection worth looking at.

That's all for this instalment since my fingers start to get tired and I'm sure you need to go and check out some cool websites. Part two of this series will come soon enough.

Please feel free to contact me and suggest any other brands you feel I should check out.