• The Bearded Underdog

The Bearded Underdog - A Personal Journey

"You don't always have to love your job, but you do have to like it sometimes" are words of wisdom that came from my father and over time these simple words have changed my life.

Sunrise on the lake

2 years ago I made the conscious decision to quit my job after more than 2 decades of politics, bureaucracy, and stress which had pretty much turned me into an unhappy, negative, and whiny individual.

I gave myself a timeout from the tech industry that I was used to in order to focus on something of much more value, me. To be honest, this was one of the best things I could have done. Of course things weren't always plain sailing but the value of being able to work on me is something that I wouldn't swap for anything. With the constant love, support, understanding, and communication with my family I have been fortunate enough to move strongly onto the next chapter.

Have you ever just taken a moment to really open your eyes to what is around you? If you take the real time and effort it can be truly amazing.

During this eye opening time I discovered many things that I truly appreciate that perhaps I would have always taken for granted had I continued on the path I was on.

feeding a squirrel

Waking up in the morning with a clear head and opening the curtains to a beautiful sunrise followed by an amazing cup of coffee in the presence of the nature in my backyard is pure happiness for me and something I am lucky enough to experience on a regular basis. I swapped an overworked and frustrated life for a peaceful and happy one that sees me now feeding the red squirrels in my garden by hand and appreciating the little things a lot more. Rather than go into detail here about how I managed to achieve this I will save it for a future blog post where I can give hints that helped me not go completely insane while being unemployed.

This year I decided to take one of my hobbies, leatherwork, to the next level. It's something I am truly passionate about and throughout the whole of my work life one of the only activites where I didn't constantly watch the clock.

The idea of the Bearded Underdog was born representing me, my interests, and attitude. Initially I will sell my handmade leather products and over time I plan to encompass much more.

I have pretty much gone back to my roots in that the idea of the Underdog has been one that I have both identified with and been also fascinated with since a young age - the passion and drive to overcome all odds is part of me. Since I was a teenager I also wished to grow a beard and after many years and reasons as to why I couldn't grow one I finally decided to do what I wanted to do all along.

No Defeat. No Compromise. has been a personal philosophy and mantra for a long time now. Never giving up. Never compromising your values, morals, principals and passion for what you do in life. Bringing this into The Bearded Underdog seemed like a natural thing to do and also adding into the mix that I don't compromise on the quality of what I ship out the door.

the bearded underdog workspace

In the next blog I would like to introduce you to my products and bring a background story as to how they came about and why.