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How Did I Not Go Insane When Being Unemployed? - A Series Pt1.

Being unemployed or even having too much free time on your hands can be a poisonous situation to be in. Struggling with keeping your responsibilities, money, and life, can be a terrifying situation. Having been on the receiving end of this and surviving has lead me to want to share some of the stories, tips and tricks that have helped me in the hope that I can give some helpful advice to those in the same boat right now. In a way some of these same tips can be useful when coming out of a long term relationship too, since for many your love life and career can have some huge similarities. Now, some of this can seem to you, to be obvious, but these tips can seem far from obvious to many when faced with this kind of uncertain situation.

This series of blog posts was originally just going to be one post but when I started writing it I found I had plenty to say and far too much to put just in one post so we shall take our time to move forward. I have perhaps already touched upon an indication of these things in my first personal blog post.

Learning to let things go, choosing your battles and detox

I used to think I could control everything and jumped right in to fight what I thought was the good fight but to be honest it was always much more trouble than it was worth and often left me even more frustrated. Over time I have learnt to think a lot more and ask myself; What could be the best possible outcome I could get by doing this? Sometimes it is best to let go when realising a) no matter what you do it won't have an effect and b) your own behaviour will actually make you feel worse since you now need to be 100%, on top of your game, healthy and motivated.

Let's think about this for a moment. As with any future potential partners, is an interviewing company going to be 100% interested in a candidate that has not moved on? Carrying emotional baggage, being desperate, angry, confused are all red flags and interviewing companies can detect this and will steer well clear.

I took a couple of weeks to detox in my own situation where I did a lot of solitary thinking and then discussed at length with family and friends searching for some kind of closure to my situation that would lead me to start thinking positively about myself and build a plan of what I was going to do about my situation. This was the start to a more positive journey.

In the next post I will touch upon why I found keeping a daily routine gave me direction and a sense of purpose. In the meantime have a browse around my website and check out my other blog posts.