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Amazing Brands / Artists That Keep Me Excited! - Part Three.

This is part 3 of an ongoing series. To see what super brands came up in parts one and two go here and here. In no particular order these are the most important, inspirational and exciting brands and artists that keep me enthused, excited, and eager to push myself more every day. I would like to point out that I have no affiliation with any of these brands and I have purchased each and every product that I have from any of them with my own money.

1. Billdabutcher / Sir_ndrewsilver Website: https://www.instagram.com/billdabutcher

Billdabutcher custom painting

I got familiar with Seth Thompson first as the well known beard model Sir_NDREWSILVER and through his fine work managed to part with a bunch of money over at P&Co (previously featured in part1 of this series). After following his instagram profile for a while I noticed that he was also a damn great artist under the moniker Billdabutcher. I absolutely loved pretty much every piece that was coming out and I knew that I had to own some of these great pieces. Today, my workshop walls are adorned with his masterpieces and I hope to be getting more in the future too!

When I was looking to get the first t shirt design for The Bearded Underdog Billdabutcher was my first choice for how I wanted my brand represented. I hadn't a clue if he would be interested to do a design for me. After sending a message asking if it would be possible I got an incredibly quick and enthusiastic response. We went through a few iterations of design ideas and he was so committed to finding the right design. This was probably the best experience I have had to date of working with anyone. The above picture was the custom piece he designed especially for The Bearded Underdog and I couldn't be happier with it.

Super cool guy, talented, awesome attitude and I'm proud to have been able to get the chance to work with him! Go check out his work, you will be sure to love it!

2. Ajoto Website: http://www.ajoto.com

Ajoto a timeless journey

Writing seems to have become a lost art although it seems to be making a comeback in the form of the many talented letterwork designers out there. From a young age I was a bit obsessive over having a great pen to use and having one somehow made me more focussed on writing neatly and taking pride of the written format. A few years ago I came across Ajoto, I seem to remember it was through some article that I found on Flipboard. They create truly simple, beautiful and amazing pens and what's more these fit into my own affordable price range. Today I am still using the same pen and am very happy with it. The presentation in packaging also left me feeling that I had bought something of quality. It came in a cork box with a dark metal surround which is still also the place that I choose to keep the pen in when I am done. If you are after a sleek, well designed, quality pen then look no further than Ajoto.

3. Captain Fawcett Website: https://www.captainfawcett.com/

Captain Fawcett Homepage

Ricki Hall is a big name these days and for good reason. I first saw Ricki Hall doing a collaboration with the guys over at P&Co. for the Unloveable Heartbreaker collection. Next time he popped up on the radar was with the collaboration with Captain Fawcett in the form of the Booze & Baccy range of products. Booze and Baccy has become my most regularly used beard oil, beard balm and eau de parfum. It has an unforgettable fragrance which is truly individual. Many times people have positively commented on this scent to me. It's an absolute classic in my opinion and I am probably on my 5th large bottle of the beard oil.

I love the image, visuals, message, and most importantly, the quality of the Captain Fawcett brand.

The guys over at Captain Fawcett HQ just released a book titled The Quintessential Grooming Guide For The Modern Gentleman which goes to the top of my Christmas Wishlist.

That's all for this instalment and I am happy to continue to share these gems as my list grows for the inspirational. If you missed the previous posts in this series then go check out the amazing brands on those posts too.

Please feel free to contact me and suggest any other brands you feel I should check out. In the meantime, also check out my webstore for some coolness in your pocket designed to take that journey in life with you.