Base Layer by Barrel Brands is a scentless multi-use hair and skin balm for men and women alike. The lightweight and hyper-moisturizing formula delivers the perfect blend for softening and shaping.


Starting with our Barrel Brands proprietary oil blend of Pure Vitamin E Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this scentless balm then takes shape with the addition of Shea Butter and Beeswax. Simple, natural ingredients with tremendous results.


While originally intended for beards and tattoos, we quickly realized that our customers were finding a multitude of uses such as, but not limited to, make-up primer, hair oil, intra/post-shave, dermatitis, stretch marks, scars, acne, leather/boot balm, looking fly and smelling fresh. 


This balm is not greasy and contains no petroleum. While all Barrel Brands Hair & Skin Oils are wonderful tattoo aftercare products in their own regard, Base Layer was created scentless to overcome the common scent objections for immediate tattoo aftercare that are associated with synthetic chemical fragrances. Base Layer is a perfect piercing and tattoo aftercare product to be used immediately after application and is already used and recommended by multiple tattoo artists from around the United States. 


Our Base Layer is highly versatile with the ability to be used in a number of ways on both the skin and hair. Base Layer can also take on the scent profile of your favorite Barrel Brands Oil with the addition of just a few drops.


From the first carve of your nail into Base Layer and melt into your skin experience, to the adventures that await you from this day forward we think you’ll quickly find yourself unable to leave this product behind.


Base Layer Balm

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