Barrel Brands Stoic Hair & Skin Oil is our latest expression and it demands your attention. Not via fear or anger, but rather comfort & grace. The kind of feeling you have when you sit down to contemplate your day and realize that nothing was compromised en route. That moment after the job is complete and you feel pride inside yourself like never before – until you do it again the very next day. You see, Stoic wasn’t just thrown together like spaghetti against the wall. It has been painstakingly tended to for over 1.5 years by Jeremy, himself. From the day he returned home from a stint at the local VA hospital, to the day Stoic launched, Jeremy has worked to craft what many have already called our greatest expression yet. 


What more could you want? I know I’d rather work for a paycheck than wait to win the lottery any day. Go out there and apply some effort, actions will follow.


Stoic begins with our blend of pure Vitamin E Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil that was aged in a Six Mile Bridge barrel that previously finished The Reverent, the brewery’s bourbon (Four Roses) barrel-aged imperial stout. The depth of scent profile and layers is carefully crafted from an ingredient blend including Blend: Hair and Skin Oil barrel aged in Six Mile Bridge Bourbon-Barrel Stout barrels along with Sage, Orange, Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot , Sandalwood, Texas Cedar, Cuban Pipe Tobacco , Balkan Pipe Tobacco, and raw Madagascar Vanilla beans.


* Note: All Barrel Brands Hair and Skin Oils are diverse and can be used by Men, Women and Children in a variety of capacities including but not limited to usage as a Beard Oil, Tattoo Oil, Post-Tattoo Moisturizer, Hair Oil, Skin Oil, Makeup Primer, Skin Moisturizer, Post-Shave Moisturizer, or simply as a Fragrance.

Stoic Hair & Skin Oil

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