The Greenwich wallet is the perfect back pocket wallet. Designed as alternative to the usual bulky trucker / Biker wallets. A vintage style wallet with 3 vertical and 3 horizontal pockets to house your credit cards, business cards and receipts. There is plenty of space for everything you need to carry with you and it fits most comfortably in the rear pocket of your jeans. In addition to this there is also an eyelet so that you can attach your lanyard or chain directly to it.


The Greenwich is made from the beautiful vegetable tanned Italian Habana leather by Badalassi Carlo s.r.l. tannery. Because of the grain of this exceptional leather no 2 wallets will look identical so you will have a unique wallet that your friends will ask about and this leather ages beautifully for those wanting a wonderful patina.


Each wallet is also topped off with customised snap fasteners highlighting The Bearded Underdog monogram.

The Greenwich - Habana

SKU: greenwich/Habana